Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 22, 2013                                                                                                                         

It has been a long time since I have added anything to my blog.  It should read Oh, The Things I have been doing instead of where the places I have gone.  I have been at home most of the time crocheting ruffles.  I have got into making the ruffle scarves.  They have been popular here.  Making some for a friend's new café and gift shop, the hospital aux., and the teachers has kept me busy.  I enjoy being busy and not just twiddling my thumbs.

Will add a few pictures.  I have many more colors than these, will list them after the pictures.. 

The scarves sell for $8.00 each plus postage.

Very popular here in WI

Turquoise, aqua, blue, green

Shades of purple

Black, grey, red, white

Soft shades of lavender, grey and white
with sparkle


Looks like Camo
good for hunting season


Maroon, pink, grey
Other colors I have to make up are:
Panda - grey, black, & white
Jive - shades of turquoise
Sapphire - royal blue and green
Boogie - shades of lavender
Noir - black with silver
Diamonds - shades of grey with a lot of glitter
Shuffle - shades of tan
Champagne - off white with colored sequins and glitter
Cabernet - shades of maroon
Waltz - Dark brown, medium brown and grey with glitter
Rumba - Navy & med blue
Amethyst - shades of purple
Fiji - shades of blue green
Sugar Cane - black, grey, maroon, red
Sea breeze - dark and light turquoise, blue/grey, white
Phlox - bright maroon
Caviar - black
Rubies- lovely for this time of the year
School colors
Most of these have some glitter in them
Will add pictures as I get them made.
Will be glad to make as many as you want of any of these colors as long as the craft stores have the yarn.  At this time of the year many stores have sales and sell out until after end of the year inventory. 

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